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Overlap Stone:

Follow the dirt road opposite Wat Sila Ngu (between Lamai and Hua Thanon)
The first half of the way can be accessed by motor bike or jeep while the second half should be done by walking as the road gets very steep and bad.
You will be rewarded with views over Lamai, the southern part of the island and the mainland and the islands between.

Berverly Hills

Between Lamai and Chaweng on the main road this is the most frequented viewpoint on Samui covering the whole of Chaweng Beach.

Samui Bayview
A breathtaking view over Chaweng from Samui Bayview Villa.

Mountain Views
There is a "road" going from Lamai over the island to Bang Po, Maenam and Nathon which passes several viewpoints of which the most beautiful and breathtaking one is Yaod Khao Viewpoint located on the highest point of Samui at 630 meters. You can see from the National Marine Park in the North to the mainland in the South.
Other points further down the road are: Woodland Park View, Samui Gallery Hill, View Top, Samui Everest and Best Mountain Viewpoint.
It is suggested to book one of the safari  tours with jeeps and experienced drivers as the road is very bad and there are no road signs to point you in your direction. Many people got lost on their way and had to require help from some locals to find back home.

There are several waterfalls you can discover on the island. There are 3 major waterfalls which can be easily accessed and others which are more difficult to find.

Namuang 1 & 2 Fall
Visiting a butterfly farm is a great way of getting up close to some beautiful creatures that one would otherwise only ever see as a flash of vivid color against green forest. The butterflies on the Samui farm flit about naturally amid tropical foliage, but they can't completely escape from view. Besides observing at close range some of the region's most beautiful butterflies, you can witness the breeding cycle of some species that are raised on the spot. The farm is set up on a hillside overlooking the ocean on the southeast corner of the island and makes for a pleasant short outing.

Hin Lad Waterfall
Hin Lad Waterfall is located? 2 km south of Nathon Town.He can be reached by a 3-4 kilometer walk down a country foot walk. In evergreen, rain forest setting with palms and creepers, the waterfall have several levels with a cool pool for a fresh water swim. In the dry season, it's not worth to walk there because the waterfall itself doesn't have any water or a little bit of water.