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Night Train to Surat Thani
Tickets for a night-train can be booked at Bangkok Airport, Bangkok Railway Station and many travel agencies in Bangkok. So, you have to use a taxi to go. This concerns all people, who like spend at least one night in Bangkok. It is not sure to get a ticket for the same day! The best information about these tickets you will get at the railway station in Bangkok.

If you use the train, it stops at Surat Thani railway station. You then take a bus to Samui (combi-tickets available). The ferry transfer is included because the bus uses the ferry. A detailed time-table can be found here.  On the island the bus first stops at the ferry pier and then at Nathon pier. Remember to tell the resort where and when you want to be picked up   (Surat Thani - Samui app. 3 hours, ferry included).

Traveling by Bus
Another way to traveling around the island is driving a car. Samui offers you many cars for rent which can be easily found around the island; or just ask the hotel where you stay. For renting a jeep , it will cost you around 800 - 1500 Baht per day (24 hours). If you like it more comfortable you can rent a car from Budget Car Rental which delivers the car to your hotel or awaits you at the airport on your arrival. It is also a good way to discover Thailand as you can return the car everywhere in the country.

Ferry Boats to Koh Samui
Special ticket fare including, train, bus and ferry boat service. By Rapid Train No. 41 ( Bangkok - Kantang) leaves Bangkok 6.30pm., arrives Surat Thani 5.34 am., bus transfer to Donsak and ferry boat arrives Koh Samui 10.40am.

Return trip, leaves Koh Samui 12.00am., arrives Donsak 2.00pm., special bus transfer to Surat Thani Station. Rapid Train No.42 leaves 5.50pm., arrives Bangkok 5.35am.

Join Ticket  (One way Ticket - train - transfer - ferry)
3rd Class 242  Baht
2nd Class 382  Baht
2nd Class Berth : Upper 482  Baht
2nd Class Berth : Lower 533  Baht
Air Conditioned  
2nd Class Berth : Upper 603  Baht
2nd Class Berth : Lower 653  Baht


Express Boat to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan
A fast and safe way to Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan with the fare of 483 Baht (upper berth) and 533 Baht (lower berth) to Koh Samui, and 523 Baht (upper berth) and 573 Baht (lower berth) to Koh Pha Ngan.

Rapid Train " Bangkok-Nakorn Si Thammarat" leaves Bangkok 7.45pm, arrives Surat Thani 6.42am. or Bangkok-Kantang" leaves Bangkok 6.30pm, arrives Surat Thani 5.34 am, bus transfer to Tha Thong Port.

By these trains, passengers can connect to special Express Boats at 8.00am., 12.00am., 2.30pm.

Return trip, leave Koh Samui 7.30am., 12.00am. and 2.30pm. exclusive bus transfer to Surat Thani station. Departure train to Bangkok at 5.35 pm., 5.50pm. and 7.04pm., arriving Bangkok 5.10am. 5.35am. and 5.50am.

Useful Information
Tickets of all classes may be purchased 60 days in advance at principal stations and the Advance Booking Office within Bangkok Station during 7.00am. to 4.00pm daily.

Passengers are allowed to carry personal luggage free of charge as follows : 1st class 50kg, 2nd class 40kg, 3rd class 30kg.Children paying half fares are allowed the half weight luggage, subject to class of ticket.

Children over 3 years to 12 years whose height does not exceed 150 cm. are accepted at half fare. Children of 3 years or under who are less than 100 cm. in height are conveyed free of charge excluding separate seat.

Passengers getting off the train at any alighting station are not entitled to use further or refund the holding ticket.

Postponement of journey or refund of fare must be made within 3 hours before departure time and deduction of fee will be handled according to the rule.

To obtain any information, please contact our information Unit within Bangkok Station. Tel. 223 7010, 223 7020 or 225 0300 ext. 5100-02

Advance tickets are available at all principal stations or the Bangkok Advance booking office. Tel. 223 3762, 224 7788 or 225 0300 ext. 5200-3

Supplementary charges
Express Train 50 Baht / Person
Rapid Train 30 Baht / Person
Special Express Train 70 Baht / Person
Air conditioned 2nd , 3rd Class Coach
Including Catering Service 120 Baht / Person
Excluding Catering Service 70 Baht / Person
Sleeping berth air-conditioned
1st class double cabin

520 Baht / Person

2nd class in rapid

Upper 220 Baht / Person

Upper 270 Baht / Person

2nd class in rapid train Upper 100 Baht / Person
Upper 150 Baht / Person
2nd class in special express train Upper 130 Baht / Person
Upper 200 Baht / Person
Air conditioned 2nd class in special express train Upper 250 Baht / Person
Upper 320 Baht / Person
Bangkok :
Tickets are available at Bangkok's main train station (Hua Lam Phong)

Tel 223 7010, 223 7020, 225 0300 Ext. 5100-5102
Please check timetables at the nearest station before travelling.

Samui island :
Tickets are available at Nathon market.
Tel 421 221, 421 222


 Note: Prices may change without prior notice